What are the 3 things that SEO teaches about life?

The past year has been full of turmoil for me. Since 2017, life has been unjust to me, and it has thrown me battles that were very difficult to fight. I lost both my parents in 2 years and am left alone now.  In this time, what made me survive, is my work as a digital marketer, and to be precise, an SEO expert. As everyone around me knows me well, I come up with different theories to simplify life. One day sitting at my office, I came across something really amazing. I came across 3 things that SEO taught me about life. I feel like sharing the same with my readers.  1. Content is King:   As everyone who understands SEO knows that content is king. If you do not have good content to share, then you get marked down on SEO. Similarly, if you do not fill your life with positivity and keep complaining about your life, then you will be marked down in life. You will never achieve what you want in life. Ultimately, you will never succeed and be unhappy.  2. Plagiarism:  Plagiarism i

The Video Game theory...... Go Win.

My dad passed away last year. It was a huge loss for me. Life, however, had to go on and so did I. I started collecting the scattered pieces of my life, of whatever was left. I got busy with finishing dad’s pending work and also launching my own freelance digital marketing business. I cannot say I was happy. A loss of your father is an irreplaceable loss, especially when he was more of a best friend rather than your father. Engrossed in designing websites, brochures and other such stuff, as usual, my counselling work took a back seat. When life priorities are brutally placed, the first thing that goes out is free work, hobby and passion. Of course least to mention my novel had to be put to a pause once again. While at my work desk, I got a call from an old work colleague. It had been around 7 years we had spoken to each other let alone meeting. After exchanging the initial “How are you?” he slowly came to the point. He wanted to meet me as he wanted to discuss an issue. In my days

The Wrapper Theory

Many of the issues in life are pretty simple, but we humans have an amazing art of complicating things. We are so addicted to being accustomed to stress that when there is no stress in our life we become even stressed about it. In my years of observing people and reading their behaviors I have come across many such examples. I am now working on my new company and I am always very busy with its work. I mostly travel. My counselling work and writing blogs had taken a backseat. Day in and day out I am busy with marketing and sales strategies and understanding the product line and the market strategies. I was having my dinner and got a call from a friend. She sounded a little sad. I told her I would meet her at our regular coffee joint after dinner. I did not ask her what she was sad about. Basically after years of reading behaviors and observing people you develop the knack to know what is troubling them without even asking them. We met at the regular coffee joint. We brought

The Coin Theory.

Dreams, according to psychology and psychiatry an imbalance in the brain that projects the subconscious mind or feelings when we are sleep. Philosophers call it the motive of life. Spiritual Gurus call it signs from God. As for me, my definition cannot fit the words so I won’t even try it. Over the years, life has become too much of a competition rather than an experience. I am not against it. I love competition myself. For all those saying, just enjoy the experience and do not run in the rat race, well for those I would say, it’s a rate race when you do not have an ambition or goal, for the ones who ambitions and goals it is the only thing they will live for. This ambition or goal becomes their meditation, their peace and their life path. They are defined by it. “It is a pathetic feeling when anyone around you does not understand your dreams and do not even relate to them. All they do is either discourage you or laugh at you.”   She was very angry, my friend. Looking at her anyo

A chat with God.

After a tiring day at work and some burying of memories I was about to sleep, when I got a call on my phone. I answered the phone. “Mr. Kunal Patrawala?” asked the man on the other side. “Yes” I replied. “My client would want to meet you in person. I am waiting with the car below your apartment. If you could be kind enough to come with me my client would be happy.” He said. “What is this about?” I asked. “It has been brought to my client’s notice that you are a very good counselor and he has some issues which he wants to discuss with you. He is badly in need of you.” It was around 11. P.M in the night, I was a little hesitant to go. “It’s too late. Would it be fine if I meet your client tomorrow in the day time?” I asked. “I am afraid that won’t be possible. He has to leave tomorrow. He has just got tonight to talk to you.”  “I do not handle clients at this late hour. If your client cannot meet me tomorrow then I guess he may have to meet up some other counselor where ever he is go


With Valentine’s Day across the corner, the ‘love is in the air’ feeling is common around these days. I was sitting at a coffee shop having my favourite coffee and reading people.   Yes for a change sometimes it is fun to read people. We get to learn a lot from such observations. Being a writer, stand-up comedian and a counselor I often get a lot of matter. I was reading couples. A coffee shop sees more proposals, break ups, hook ups and tears of joy and sorrows when it comes to love affairs. Today along with the coffee shop even I was a witness to some such affairs. My phone started to disturb my thoughts. I have to reluctantly keep the mobile phone me at all times. Business is another priority of life, you cannot ignore it. I looked at the screen; it was flashing the name of a friend, one who had long lost in time. We stayed in the same town, yet we had not seen each other since many years. I received the call. “Hi, is this Kunal.” He asked. “Yes.” I replied. After exchanging th

The Spectacle Theory

The Spectacle Theory Since the past few months I have been on a roller coaster ride in my own life. Even though, I have always faced and handled complexities in life with a lot of maturity and peace of mind, this time it was a massive blow from life. However, every human has to face life alone and every human has the ability to transform himself or herself into a better person. Hope, Love and total faith in one’s dreams can make miracles happen. I had stopped taking counseling cases, also had taken a break from writing, I was introspecting and improving my own inner strength and confidence. In this time friends do play a very important role, I was at a friend’s place when this incident took place. It was something so simple yet so amazing that I could not resist writing it. I was with my friend, standing in the balcony of his bungalow. We were just chit chatting with each other about normal stuff. “Kunal seriously man I am so tensed about my future. I just don’t know how things